Ballarat Commandery

Dame Val Sarah AM DJSJ
Chevalier Dr Phil Roberts OAM KSJ

In line with the Victorian Priory, members of the Order in Ballarat continue the
tradition of service to those in need, offering support to local, Victorian and International entities.

From modest beginnings in 2011, the initial Ballarat Founding Group received elevation in rank to that of the Ballarat Commandery in 2020.

The current membership stands at 14. With outstanding support from their spouses, partners and friends, the members are building strong relationships in the Ballarat community. In 2021 Community Partnerships were created with two of its most enduring and cherished links, Ballarat Hospice Care Inc. and BLOC Music Theatre Company.

Members and their Circle of Friends have worked together to support a growing list of well-researched and worthy recipients. Co-chair of the Fundraising Committee, Chevalier Tony Reyntjes, KGSJ, explains:

Through our fundraising, and with additional assistance from the Victorian Priory Foundation, donations have been made to Ballarat charities and also other worthy recipients. In additional to financial donations assistance has also been in the form of clothes, books, computers items and personal items.

* Ballarat Community Health – Second Bite * Ballarat Hospice Care
* Aussie Action Abroad * Ballarat 3BA Christmas Appeal
* Berry Street * Blue Edge * Code 9/Operation Hospitaller
* Eureka Mums * Flash Drive * One Humanity Shower Bus & Soup Bus
* On Track Foundation * Ryder-Cheshire Foundation
* Salvation Army * Uniting Care – Breezeway
* Wendouree West Exodus

From left: Freddy Thurutthikattu (Health Promotion Officer – SecondBite), Dame Barb Dunlop (CGSJ), Lana De Kort (Clunes Distribution Officer – SecondBite)